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Super 10

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Tips for the use of Super 10

Highly economical, multi-purpose, non-flammable, concentrated, biodegradable (no environmental pollution) non-toxic, highest quality, guaranteed not to remove colours. 100% money back guarantee; save money on unnecessary packaging, we do not sell water. Our products are versatile and can be used with other products. Apply for the specified period.

Super 10 Heavy duty, multi-purpose cleaner. (Especially for removing petroleum based dirt). Equally effective in hard baked ovens and precious carpets. You get the best results from a minimum of heat, rubbing and time. Safe to use on anything on which water can be used.


Stained toilet - boiling water and 4 capfuls (20 ml) of SUPER 10, leave to stand overnight, scrub. Blocked basin - the same method, allow to stand for 15 minutes, add more boiling water.

General cleaner (walls and floors) 1 teaspoon SUPER 10. Gum or tar - wipe on concentrated, wait 10 minutes and wipe off.

Washing - 1 tablespoon SUPER 10 to warm water.  Towels - 1 tablespoon SUPER 10 plus 1 tsp OXYGEN BLEACH in warm water. (Allow to stand overnight).


1) Floor wax stripper - scrub with a brush, wait a while and scrub again with warm water.

Oven - pre-heat to 95C (185F), switch off and spray well with SUPER 10, allow to cool for 10-15 minutes and wipe off with steel wool or a nylon scourer. Then wash with WASH N WAX: 5 ml to 5 litres of water for easier cleaning. Stove hobs - spray on and leave a while. Wipe off. If very dirty and oily, repeat the process.

Car engines - spray the warm engine and scrub, wait 20 minutes and hose off.  Engine parts and tools - soak for 20 minutes and scrub with plenty of warm water.

Shower tiles - spray, wait an hour, scour with a sponge. Then wash with WASH N WAX. 5 ml to 5-l water - prevents re-growth of mould.

Stubborn marks on bath - make a paste of Go and SUPER 10 concentrate - wipe on and leave overnight, rinse. Mix equal amounts of SUPER 10, LDC, & G1 wash powder with warm water, and applied to the stubborn stains, if necessary. Do not mix with paraffin.


Marks on carpets - spray, rub very gently with the back of a spoon or fingers (DO NOT SCRUB). Removes the following with ease: ink, blood (first dampen with cold water), tea, /coffee (spray, rub gently, wait a while, wash in regular manner), wax crayon (spray, wait, wipe), grass stains, grease, oil, lipstick, rust marks on fabric, shoe polish, tomato sauce, urine, wine fat, etc (spray, wait 5-10 minutes, spray again and wash).

Silver/copper - use after cleaning article with ordinary cleaning agents (to clean in the grooves). Jewelry - spray, soak and brush.  Rinse and dry.

Combs, brushes, and curlers - soak for 20 minutes, wash and rinse.

Irons - spray on warm iron and rub dirt off.

Cleans shoe heel marks, pets cages, vinyl and any other areas where water may be used - removes marks from wallpaper - spray and gently pat to lift dirt.

Dry cleaning - fine spray (using distilled water to prevent water marks) wait and brush.

Spray on ants and aphids - kills insects on contact. Spray only insects, not necessary to spray the entire plant.Bath - water and rust marks. Wait 10-15 minutes, brush and rinse.  Stubborn stains. Make a paste using G1 wash powder and SUPER 10.

Old stains on clothes and carpets (marks caused by pets) use white vinegar and water first, then spray SUPER 10 and allow to dry.  If not completely clean, use 1:3 mixture.

Fridge’s, stoves and microwaves - leaves no soapy odour

With 1:20 Mixture (or less)

Glass - 2 drops in a spray bottle with water for chrome, stainless steel, mirrors and windscreen (1:10 too strong) wipe off with damp cloth.

Paintwork - enamel paint (NOT PVA) - spray, starting at bottom and working upwards on the wall. Wood work - spray and wipe with a clean cloth.


Floors - Non-waxed - 5 ml in 10 litres warm water.  Apply with cloth or mop and allow to soak.  Wipe clean and rinse with warm water before applying polish. Use SUPER 10 first to remove old wax and then apply polish.

Nylon: White nylon that has discoloured, soak overnight in a mixture of 5 ml in 1 litre water, and hang in the sun without rinsing.

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