Nutritional Healing

Give your body the nutrients it needs and invariably it will heal itself. Keep it short of the same nutrients and it will get sick, possibly even die prematurely.

To help you discover the best nutrients for your ailment I have added some links to informative books and sites I have found useful.

Living an optimally healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) provides the best conditions for the body to both prevent and heal from disease states.

Prescription, Nutrional Healing

Natural Cures

Drug Alternatives

Herbal Healing

Healing Herbs

Nutritional Medicine

Disease Delusion

Brain Building Nutrition

Textbook of Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

 Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements

Real Vitamin & Mineral Book

Natural Health Supplements

Ensure optimum health by eating a healthy, preferably organic diet, supplementing with whole food supplements for the discrepancies you may have, after all you can only eat so much food. Even to much healthy food isn’t good for you. Variety is also important so all foods need to be eaten in moderation. Don’t use chemicals to clean your home as they will be absorbed either through the skin or by breathing in the fumes.

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