Tre-en-en & Formula IV, Formula IV Plus, Carotenoid Complex

LDC also available in 5 litres

LDC - Light Duty Concentrate (1:5 water mixture). Especially to remove plant and animal fats contains reactive coconut oil. Non-toxic, 100% biodegradable. Not suitable for use in automatic dishwashers.


Hand cleaner - apply concentrated before doing any dirty work apply again afterwards, rub in and rinse or wipe off.

Bubble bath - capful under tap - no dirty ring left behind.

Brush teeth - 1 drop with toothpaste once a week. Helps keep plaque away.

Fruit/vegetables - removes insecticides and other poisons, makes lettuce crisp and fresh. A few drops in a vase makes flowers last longer.

Windscreens - few drops LDC in water reservoir.


Typewriter/computers - spray on a damp cloth and wipe off. Piano keys - thoroughly soak a cloth in 1:1, allow to dry and wipe off, also to clean typewriter keyboards.

Make-up -1:2 removes make-up from the face.

Kills lice and removes chewing gum from children’s hair, removes stubborn

Elastoplast marks. Tree gum and chewing gum on clothes - apply 1:2 mixture and leave for 30-40 minutes. Ensure garment remains wet and brush off.

Dishes - 1:3, chapped hands - wash dishes in LDC. Acts as a water softener - no greasy feeling, rinses cleanly.

Washing - removes animal fat, blood, vegetable stains, etc, with ease.  Use 1 squirt of 1:3 mixture in washing machine - safe for delicate fabrics.  Removes stains from “wash and wear” fabrics - nylon, cotton, polyester, lycra, latex, etc.

Shaving cream - softens beard and prevents skin rash. Use 1:3 mixture.

Insects - spray 1:3 mixture in the air. When cleaning cupboards-discourages cockroaches and fish moths. A squirt in the bath acts as a mosquito repellant.

Pet’s Shampoo 1:10 removes fleas, makes coat shiny without irritation.


Underwear-soak in a mixture and rinse gently.

Swimming Pools 240 ml. L.D.C./ 45000 Litres of water prevents suntan lotions building upon the sides of the pool. Does not replace chlorine. It breaks down water surface tension.

Blocked Drains- pour 60 ml in the basin and add water. Remove the plug. Regular use of L.D.C. Will ensure a clean drain. Destroys bad odours.

Removing wallpaper. 15-20 ml in 10 litre of lukewarm water. Apply to the surface with a sponge and allow to soak in. Scrape with a putty knife

Essential to take camping- you have less to carry and pack one versatile liquid does it all dish washing, soap, shampoo, washing etc.etc.

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GNLD’s LDC helps to save 25,000 penguins