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Neo-LifeShake—Clinically proven weight loss and much more!


The results:-

Clinically proven weight loss and body fat reduction.

Clinically proven Body Mass Index(BMI) reduction.

Clinically proven athropometric (Body Size) reduction.

Once again Neo-Life has stepped to the forefront of Nutritional Science with leading edge research that proves product excellence and benefits beyond any doubt. This compelling new evidence is the result of human clinical trials conducted under the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) by a world leading clinical research facility. This state-of-the-art-science, 12 week controlled intervention trial assessed the benefits of the daily consumption of NeoLifeShake on people in the free-living, real-world conditions of daily life.

The results were highly positive and showed that NeoLifeShake delivers powerful benefits across a wide spectrum of important biomarkers including weight loss, body mass index and anthropometric (body size) measurements.


Weight management throughout life is important for well-being. There is clear evidence that being overweight or obese can lead to most of today's chronic conditions.

NeoLife is a long term leader in the healthy weight loss/management sciences. Led by world renowned Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), based on decades of research, unique and exclusive formulations and technologies have been developed and tested. Leading edge concepts such as “ glycemic response control”, commonly referred to in scientific journals and the popular press these days, was first conceived and confirmed by the SAB more than a decade ago; with clinically proven results published in the peer reviewed Journal of the American College of Nutrition.2

This latest clinical evidence is equally compelling. It prove that Neo-LifeShake is a safe and effective way to pursue healthy weight loss,so urgently needed for the majority of the population. It also goes far beyond that to display benefits across a broad spectrum of critical biomarkers important for long-term vitality. A powerful and effective solution at a critical time!

The Study.

With the aim of making sure the study was a reflection of real-world challenges an” intervention” trial protocol was selected. This meant that the participants continued with their daily lives in the usual way, only utilising the Neo-LifeShake and usage guidance that was provided. This protocol was then sent to an Independent Review Board(IRB) of well-respected scientists for approval.

The participants were healthy, independently living men and women between 25 and 55 years of age. They were recruited from the general population and invited to participate in this 12 week trial. Baseline values were established for each of the qualified candidates at their first clinic visit, including weight, body mass index, body measurements and blood values. Each participant was given enough neo-lifeshake for 2 meals each day for two weeks. At each two week interval they returned to the clinic where interviews were conducted and measurements recorded. They were then given another two week supply. Follow-up occurred with all participants at every interval. At the conclusion of the trial all data for each participant was sent for statistical analysis.



12 week trial.

Clinically proven weight loss:

The prevalence of overweight and obesity has risen sharply across the world in recent years. Weight loss is an obvious target and for this precise group Neo-LifeShake delivered powerful, statistically significant benefits. Following a simple programme that replaced two meals each day with Neo-LifeShake, study participants at trial completion showed significant decreases in average body weight, with a mean loss of 5.27 lbs. (maximum loss ranged up to 20 lbs.) Another highly significant finding of the statistical analysis was that participants average body weight decreased continuously at every clinic visit from baseline to completion. This data further supports a picture of health weight loss that isn't just associated with one-off “diuretic” water loss.

John Miller, SAB Member says. “using the highest level of scientific investigation to substantiate product performance and benefits of our products is a hallmark of GNLD and the SAB. Instigating and/or supporting sophisticated clinical trials with world class organisations and institutions has produced a steady stream of powerful clinical evidence that marks the company and its products out from all the others. It is a mindset first instilled in us by SAB Founding Member, Dr. Arthur Furst and I am certain he would be excited about this new research and the benefits it offers”.

For body fat reduction.

Body fat percentage is an important biomarker for current and future well-being, as well as how you look and feel. The higher the body fat percentage the “fatter” you are and the higher the probability of certain conditions being present today or likely to occur in the future.

Body fat percentage is also a reflection of fitness. Because it does not consider either height or weight, but rather how much fat is present, it provides a picture of relative health that BMI (Body Mass Index) alone cannot.

Using a state of the science analytical protocol known as bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), researchers showed that participants baseline to completion body fat percentage decreased by a very rewarding 9.86%.

For healthy BMI:

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) body mass index is an important means of assessing overweight and obesity (body fatness) as an indicator of future health conditions. 3  Although it is a simple calculation of weight to height it has proven highly reliable for basic wellness assessments.

Thus, lowering body mass index is an important indicator of both fat loss and wellness benefit. Clinical evidence from this trial shows Neo-LifeShake is effective in lowering body mass index. Data collected and calculated for participants at baseline and at each clinic visit thereafter showed continuously significant decreases in BMI throughout the study period.

For Size and Shape:   Clinically Proven Anthropometric (Body Size) Reductions!

Showing measured reductions in specific body locations is an important indicator of good weight loss. It's also an important boost toward attaining personal “look and feel” goals. Where people “shrink” the most during weight loss is highly person specific. Some people might loose inches more quickly on their arms or thighs, whilst for others it may be body zones. In a study populations such as the participants in the Neo-LifeShake trial the expectation would be for average group inch reductions at several body  locations.

That was exactly what the researchers observed in the Neo-LifeShake trial in four key target regions:

Average waist circumference decreased.

Average hip circumference decreased.

Average arm circumference was shown to be consistently lower compared to baseline.

Average thigh circumference showed a continuously decreasing trend from baseline to study conclusion.

Why Neo-LifeShake works so well!

Proving such powerful benefits in a clinically controlled trial is by no means an accident. Neo-LifeShake is based upon decades of research and investigation, it reflects an understanding of the body's needs and functions at the very highest levels of contemporary science. The product formula was developed by utilising Neolife's exclusive:

Clinically proven “glycemic response control” technology.

Reduce fat storage and promote fat burning.

BCAAS—branched chain amino acids.

A 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition.

Also great for daily nutrition! Available in 3 delicious flavours, Creamy Vanilla, Rich Chocolate and Berries 'n Cream.

The result: proven weight loss in the form of body fat reduction and lean muscle retention, along with important additional benefits. Not surprisingly, whether you need to loose weight or not these same benefits would apply.


1 Overweight and Obesity-Related Health Problems in Adults. US National Institutes of Health.

2 GR2Control from JACN2001