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Supplies nutrients from whole grains that are stripped away by the food processors. Tre-en-en helps your cells absorb the nutrients you eat by ensuring the lipids and sterols essential  for cell wall permeability are in your diet. This enables nutrients to get into your cells and waste to get out, both essential processes for life at cellular levels. Enhancing your energy levels so that your cells a re ready when you are!


Carotenoid complex is a dietary supplement that contains several forms of carotene. Numerous scientific studies have found that carotenoids are beneficial for both health and immune function protection. By combining several of these in one carotenoid complex antioxidant supplement, it is believed that numerous health benefits can be recognized.

The main carotenoids are alpha carotene, beta carotene, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, zeazanthin and astaxanthin. A carotenoid complex supplement will typically contain at least the first four and several also contain the other advanced carotenoid complexes. Carotenoids are responsible for healthy immune function. They also supply vibrant color to the foods in which they naturally occur.

Carotenoid Complex

Omega-3 fatty acids are oils that are usually taken orally in capsule form. They are often derived from fish, but can also be found in other natural substances like flax, walnuts, and hemp. Medical research has shown that taking These fatty acids can reduce risk of heart disease, assist those with some types of autoimmune disorders, and may help in mood regulation for those who suffer from manic depression.

The oils in Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential oils. They are considered essential because the human body needs them to grow and function normally, yet the body does not produce them.

Omega-3 Plus

These include Pro Vitality Pack, NeoLife Shakes, Kal-Mag = Vitamin D, Wheat Germ Oil with vitaminE,

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Contains all of the above with a multi vitamin and mineral added for good measure.

GNLD NeoLife's Pro Vitality™ Pack makes it easy for all of us to receive the critical nutrients most often missing from our diet.  Restore lost energy and vitality with three amazing products in one simple pack -- the Vitality Pack!

GNLD Neolife knows it's true -- even the most disciplined, health-conscious people among us lack key nutrients in their daily diet.

Choose Your Vitamins Like Your Life Depends On It.  

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