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Home Care Price List G one Wash Powder

 G.1 Washing Powder    Semi or fully automatic machines. Very economical uses between 10 and 20 grams compared to most other powders 80 - 100 grams. N.B. Before using for the first time, do an entire wash cycle using an old towel to remove the build up of wash powder residue from your machine.

Hand wash- soak overnight, rub and rinse. Rinses free leaving no skin irritants or fillers in the material, 100% purer.

Tea and Coffee stains- dampen garment and sprinkle with G.1. Leave for a few minutes and rub with a sponge before rinsing. C.M.C. is added to prevent soils from coming into contact with other garments. Washing will not yellow. Enzymes break down fats and proteins. Softens water and therefore G1 can penetrate washing to remove the dirt.   

Scourer- Make a paste using Super 10 and G1.

Toilet- Sprinkle in the bowl leave for 10 minutes then brush and flush.