Tre-en-en & Formula IV, Formula IV Plus, Carotenoid Complex


Golden Disinfectant- Promotes the healing of wounds MUST NOT BE MIXED WITH OTHER DETERGENTS. Has a longer shelf than most other disinfectants

1:3- strong disinfectant, for drains, toilets, etc. 1:10-general disinfectant for use in hair salons on combs, brushes and scissors (helps to prevent rust). Toothbrushes etc. 1:20- hygienic in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, laundries and where food is handled. Kills snails.

5 ml in the last rinse will leave your washing free of any chemical residue. It will remove the smell of sour milk (even in the car).

Disinfects- septic tanks, wash hand basins, drains etc. Sterilises baby’s bottles, fruit jars etc. Disinfects wounds (they heal faster).

Bruises- soak cotton wool in disinfectant and press onto the bruise or mild burn don’t forget to apply Aloe Vera Gel. Available from GNLD.

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